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Our beliefs are based on the Wisdom of Love and Truth.

There is the Universal Truth to your existence.


Listen to Remember

bodhilias wisdom
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Through the Universe's Intent, this Mission is driven.

We guide you in adjusting, changing,

or letting go the human mind’s limiting beliefs.

This is accomplished without public or private seminars.


This is accomplished without reading books.

Our guidance does not require the facing of fears, overcoming obstacles, or climbing to a level of institutionalized attainment.

Through only listening to bodhilia’s recordings you will come into an understanding of Universal Truth and Authentic Love.

Through bodhilia’s recordings you will understand how to "Love Everything Equally."

In knowing Universal Truth and Authentic Love you will evolve into who you truly are, leaving behind the mankinded human you were taught to believe is you.

Your past mankinded humanness is to be understood as a temporary condition—a state of innocent forgetfulness and not a fault of your volition.

All is well because all will change soon.

Much love, bodhilia ~




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