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“I have been Mentored by BodhiLIA off and on for many years in my Business and now more recently in my personal life. How my ego made me think my issues were work related was another LIE I had convinced myself of. This Wisdom BodhiLIA explained to me was all encompassing. He has Wisdom and a way of explaining things with that booming voice of his that makes you want to listen to what he says. I could write paragraphs of what I have experienced from what his Wisdom has shown me. The bottom line is its Truth and when you apply it just like he teaches you, your life will forever transform right before your eyes.”

“I am probably one of BodhiLIA ’s first female students. Its true that men and women listen and think differently. But he has a way of speaking that makes anyone understand him. You can tell when he speaks that its authentic in him. Its almost like he knows how to break through any barriers of this world and into a place that no one knows about in people. He says its simple because most of mankind's emotions flow from their pores and it comes out of them from all angles. And with what I have learned from him I completely see what he see’s about this. If you want true authentic happiness in this lifetime you owe it to yourself to make the investment and hear the Truth and he teaches you how to apply it.”

“When I came to BodhiLIA I thought my issues were over my constantly failing relationships. Within the first three weeks I realized quickly so many truths about myself and that I was the causing everything that I was suffering over and that quickly was addressed and fixed. The TagLine of this great company says it all. For me it was having the strength and courage to face the Truth and fix it. Toltec Wisdom will easily help you not only find the UNTRUTHS in your life, but will guide you through Facing them and Fixing them. Keep rockin BodhiLIA and please pamper that voice. This world and all those suffering can’t afford to lose that incredible gift.”

Seriously BodhiLIA’s course came and went in no time and every session was better than the previous.. BodhiLIA says its because I was hearing and vibrating at a higher level of understanding and for that reason alone I was seeing what were miracles in my life every day. I love his parking example and other examples of this wisdom at work.. And you too will see miracles happening and all you can do is smile and be grateful that you understand why they're happening. I will always remember how my life changed in just a matter of 90 days.”

“I applied his Business Principals using the Toltec Wisdom and instantly saw the entire operation change along with me. My incredibly small investment to understand what I was doing wrong has paid off hundreds of times over in the many years since I had some serious one on one time with this incredible man. All Business people owe it to their team or workers to be their best and without BodhiLIA ’s wisdom I could not give back to them the way a good Business person need to. Now my staff is as awakened as I am to the world. This was an incredible investment.”

“I have known BodhiLIA for 15+ years and I watched a man prior to his awakening and after his awakening transform his life into the most incredible life I know. He is the happiest person around, nothing ever bothers him and he thrives on having fun in what he amusingly calls as most Toltecs do - “The Dream of the Planet.” Wait until you hear the definition of what that means. BodhiLIA showed me and now dozens of my closest friends what is Truth and what is Virtual Truth. The difference was mind blowing to me. Thank you BodhiLIA you are beyond a gift to me, my family and everyone of my closest friends and family who have had the chance to sit down with you or by phone and help each of them so beautifully resolve their issues by finding in them the error in their thinking. It is TRUE BodhiLIA . The Truth will set you free and I am proof of that.. Hugs my friend.”

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