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Who am I?—asked of bodhilia

Physically, I’m just like you. No difference between us. My physical body is impacted through senses, health or injury just like yours is.


I was born to a mother and father who loved me with all the love they could express within their beliefs. They raised me from a construct of their beliefs absorbed from their parents, other elders, peers and society. I don’t remember a lot of specifics from my early childhood. As you experienced, there were situations of a growing-up nature that taught me or drew me within myself.

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Relatively quickly recognized that I wasn’t an ordinary garden-variety child. I puzzled on things that others didn’t care about, and I didn’t care too much about things that were important to other children. I had questions that school or adult-world knowledge just couldn’t answer for me, and this knowledge-seeking in its unanswerability led to internal confusion and frustration. Often after school I’d grab my bow, arrow quiver, and schoolbooks, hike up into the hills near home and think, practice archery and do homework. At the time I didn’t think of this as a ritual. But that’s what it was: a ritual of growing in my self-reflection, quietude, and concentrated discipline through archery.

After high school I made a choice that reflected this deliberate knowledge quest I’d been engaged in for years. At this time, I wanted to know myself as a man, as in what kind of man am I, and can I attain a tested state of manhood. I joined the Marine Corps. I didn’t stay in the Corps as a career. It served its purpose. I then entered the business world. Being in the environs of business, with its own ethos and expectations, and immersed in life as an adult, I experienced the normal cycles of suffering, pain, confusion, causing pain to others, resentments, blaming, manipulation and hypocrisy that come with the established, societalized or institutionalized belief structures of mankind. As well, I experienced both fulfillments and failures in the context of those beliefs as they define what it is to be a good human, a good man.

Years ago, I underwent an awakening that really crumbled those prior belief structures I’d been exposed to and living within. I experienced at a somatic and deep-mind level a fundamental Truth about life. This truth-experience was coupled with a simultaneous saturating state of Love, of its power. Within this exquisitely transformative experience—that lasted several days—it was shown to me how life should really be: easy, sublime, powerfully fulfilling. Part of this showing to me included the wrong assumptions and mistakes I’d made over the last 43 years of my life. At the peak of this awakening transition I was given a gift of knowledge of a Truth that is within each of us. I was further taught how to use this knowledge to internally change my world subjectively, and objectively in the greater world outside me.

From both a time-passing orientation and a timeless one I’ve been engaged in an intensely fulfilling spiritual journey, a journey of my being created as an Angel, then taking birth as a man—as a fettered, mankinded human—and now I am an awakened Angel, unfettered and power-imbued. This gift of a Universal Truth and Love makes me smile and deeply shine forth the beauty of life through each and every moment.

On a fairly fast trajectory, in the aftermath of this Truth message and how it became me (rather than I becoming it), I rejected all belief systems as espoused by religions, groups and causes. All existence, all conditions of mind, emotion and society, I love equally. I became the All as One through that initial moment of authentic Love.

If you were to ask: what is your essential identity? Or what is the essential identity of each of us? I would tell you unconditionally it is pure, authentic love. Why don’t we live this essential identity? We’ve forgotten this Universal Truth. 
Ultimately, I see no good or bad. I see perfection, and only perfection, as expressed in the choices we make moment-to-moment, and in all that we continuously perceive or undergo.

These recordings that you will be listening to speak to the Angel inside of you, whom you truly are. It is the Universe speaking to you through my voice. Listen well and these recordings can wake you to your angelic reality and spirit from the consciousness of forgetfulness, and your Angelness will radiate authentic Love, and empower you for all humanity to see.

Much love, bodhilia

What listeners say

About bodhilia

what others say...

bodhilia’s special, even remarkable gift is

in communicating these messages,

and in clearly explicating them.


Most listeners say that “He communicates a message in such a deep way that it seems every answer is custom created just for the listener, and it’s immediate.”

His responses to inquiries or observations

seem to come from a place of non-thinking,

a place of pure timeless perceiving.

As noted by listeners,

a large part of listening to bodhilia (alongside the depth of wisdom)

is the enriching, uplifting power of his voice in communicating directly to you.

The listener can feel the forces of life-change almost immediately,

and in a richly unfolding continuum after the session.

Much love to you from all of us at BodhiLIA, Inc.

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