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Hello and thank you from all of us at BodhiLIA, Inc.

and bodhilia directly for your donation to our Mission.

The Mission of bodhilia is to give his messages to the world at no cost to mankind. We can't imagine charging mankind for something they all already know but have been domesticated to forget everything about who they are and why they are here. If you have heard bodhilia's messages you know that they possess a gift in his words that do the opposite of most everything that the so called "Spiritual Leaders and claimed Spiritual Guru's" try and teach you to believe.

These proclaimed leaders and teachers of Spirituality have all mankinded a very simple TRUTH.

Over time and with this Mission bodhilia and the BodhiLIA Corporation intend to change that mindset in the world of each being one by one.

We have no intention of changing this world because its perfect just like it is.


However, we do intentionally intend that these messages will change the only world that matters and is in need of correcting and that is the world in each of their own minds.

Thank you again for your participation in the goals of this Mission.

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