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This message is intended for all Teachers of Spiritual Wisdom.

At BodhiLIA we have a gift from the Universe to all of you. Those who have heard the voice and messages of bodhilia have understood the personal messages of this wisdom.

Mankind has Mankind'd spirituality and the core messages have been diluted and changed from the easiest choice any person can make, to one of almost impossible to reach odds

Awakening to the Truth and Happiness is not about awakening the brain in an attempt to breakdown all that has happened to the human seeking freedom or answers. It's to provide a simple truth that they can easily attach to and see manifesting into a truth and reality that the students knows is undeniable.

The Truth and wisdom of bodhilia requires nothing from the mind, it requires nothing in the way of breaking down anything. It is not hard to reach, and there are no pain or challenges to face.

There is nothing more than a single thought. One thought applied to everything equally.

The spiritual love based messages from bodhilia severely change and contradicts the messages mankind is teaching their students about Spirituality today. What this wisdom does do is empower every human who hears it with a Truth that is not touched or touchable by mankind and is manifested by the student in less than 30 days. Once this truth is revealed your student will never need you again.

This truth of wisdom will change your livelihood in the most incredible ways as you align with this angelic truth. Your students, as with the existing Teacher Students of bodhilia, will love and thank you more today than ever when their truth reveals itself and they have you to thank for it. They will tell everyone what you have shown them and the students will come.

Please visit the contact page and send us a message if you would like to know more or ask any questions you feel. This wisdom is at no cost to anyone unless you seek to hear it directly from bodhilia in either a group or private session.

Much love to you all, Bodhilia Inc.


". . .As one of bodhilia's longest students I have always found him to be charismatic, intelligent, giving, a friend, a wonderful light in the darkness, an understander of the darkness, non-judgmental and, with that, understanding of everyone, especially me. You just have to experience his gifts for yourself to understand. His voice is his gift and the Wisdom flows to you in a way you can hear it." '


--Student AM4 - 7/21/2014 - 3 :45 pm

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